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The tavern refers to the firm “Maestro Nardo Pinna s.a.s.” born to sell balsamic vinegar and similar products. Inside the hostel you can taste vinegars selection by the chef Nardo Pinna, who invented the famous balsamic vinegar drops. They provide also the classical consortely vinegar in the small bottles ideal for small presents, souvenirs (50 ml) very much appreciated as original wedding presents in single or double packages.

You may also find the classical consortely vinegars, very expensive wine bottles, like Solaia, Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Massetto, Lupicaia, Tassinaia, Tignanello, Brunello (several crop productions) Biondi & Santi and so on, and regional niches as, for instance, Turriga and M.si of Villa Marina.

The tavern also puts itself forward for Christmas hampers appreciated very much by everyone.


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confezione aceto balsamico   botti aceto balsamico