Thematical Evenings


Occasionally we organize evenings dedicated to homemade products and dinners with thematical menus. The most frequent and requested is the “Sardinian” one. We propose typical Sardinian ours d’ouvres, two or three first courses (based on malloreddus, culingiones, bottarga, fregola or other qualities). As a second course the typical piglet with mirth, seasonal vegetables, cheeses, sweets (seadas, sospiri, tiliccas, papassini an so on), white and red wines together with the courses (Moscato whith sweets, and Tonara torrone) and to end up the liquors, mirth, limoncino (made of lemon) and filuferru. Moreover we organize fish dinners on request. When seasonal, Piemonte dinners based on fondue truffle, mushrooms and game.

Anyway we are available to organize any kind of dinner.